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Dinny Jusuf - Founder
Dinny Jusuf - Founder

Hallo! I am a mother, a wife and a dreamer. I am a mother of two children. My oldest child is Sena, he is a Software Engineer. He is calm and easy like Sunday morning. The second one is my daughter Rani, who is a Performance Maker/Producer. She is active and creative like Monday morning. I feel, that my children are the greatest gifts I have received from the universe. I am the wife of Danny, who hails from Toraja, Sulawesi. And I dream of a great Indonesia, where no one is poor and the tenun or hand-woven textile art and culture thrive.

According to the World Bank 2017 report, out of 252 million population, more than 28 million Indonesians still live below the poverty line. Approximately 40% of the population remain vulnerable of falling into poverty, as their income hover marginally above the national poverty line. Empirically, a high percentage of the poor are rural women. Many of them then work overseas mostly as household helps. Annually, many of them come back abused or dead. According to Migrant Care, between 2012-2017 there were 1,267 dead migrant workers who were reported and returned to Indonesia. The real number must be higher.


Working with more than 1,000 weavers in 4 areas (Toraja, Mamasa, Adonara & Lembata)
Increase 200%-900% of weavers income
Preserved more than 27 weaving motifs and revived 4 weaving motifs
Received 10 social enterprise awards


TorajaCustom Pricing
  • Stay with the Weavers by Sa’dan river, learn to weave, lunch cooked by the Weavers. Or stay at a 3-star hotel in Rantepao.
  • Stay with Suloara’ Village people, guided tour to Bamboo forest, snack & lunch cooked by the Village people.
  • Or stay in Banua Sarira (Dinny’s house in Batutumonga)
  • Toraja Cultural Night with traditional dance & music
  • Plus:
    • Sight-seeing tours, including a visit to the local market
    • White-water rafting
    • Attend ceremony, if available
[Best_Wordpress_Gallery id="13" gal_title="Toraja"]
Order Adipex Order Xanax From India
MamasaCustom Pricing
  • Stay in the Weavers’ houses in Balla hills, learn to weave, meals cooked by the weavers.
  • Or stay at a 3 star hotel in town
  • Hiking to a nearby waterfall
  • Enjoy natural hot spring bath
  • Mamasa Cultural performance with local dance and music
  • Plus:
    • sight-seeing to traditional villages & local market
    • Attend a ceremony, if available
[Best_Wordpress_Gallery id="26" gal_title="Mamasa"]
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AdonaraCustom Pricing
  • Fly to Larantuka, then take a small boat across Flores Strait
  • Stay at PEKKA Guest House in Lodan Doe
  • Learn to weave and enjoy organic food, including the famous sorghum and corn, served by PEKKA women
  • Plus:
    • Sight-seeing to traditional villages & sandy beaches
Visit local markets for penetoten-float warp hand-woven textile [Best_Wordpress_Gallery id="27" gal_title="Adonara"]
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LembataCustom Pricing
  • Fly to Kupang, then take a small plane to Lewoleba airport
  • Stay at PEKKA Guest House in Kerubaki beach
  • Learn to weave and enjoy organic food, including fresh seaweed salad, served by PEKKA women
  • Plus:
    • Sight-seeing to traditional villages, smoking volcano & sandy beaches
    • Visit local markets for the famous natural dye & hand-spun cotton ikat hand-woven textile
[Best_Wordpress_Gallery id="28" gal_title="Lembata"]
Order Adipex Buy Soma Online Overnight

To make life better for the weavers & village people. To preserve & rejuvenate Indonesian art & culture, especially tenun gedog or hand-woven textile



Buy Ambien Pills

We collaborate with the weavers from textile design to quality control


We create quality products and strive to give quality service.


Working with the community, we need compassion & patience to each other