Vision, Mission, & Values

Vision, Mission, & Values


Alleviation of systemic poverty by creating a sustainable ecosystem for women artisans.


Collaborate with women led weaving communities and offer market access sustainably via 3Cs – Commerce, Community collaboration, and Consultancy.

Our Values

Collaborate with Community, Uphold Quality, Practice Integrity, Take actions with a Purpose and Believe in Compassion.



Via our 3 Pillars, we are working towards creating a sustainable ecosystem around rural economies

COMMERCE: We showcase “stories of Indonesia” to Indonesians and to the world via our ethical-slow fashion lifestyle brand TORAJAMELO. We work on both B2B and B2C and through our extensive community network cater to larger B2B and wholesale orders also.

COMMUNITY COLLABORATION: Our core pillar, through which we work with our weaving communities on design and development of weaving that preserves the authenticity of the craft while at the same time staying relevant to evolving market. This pillar has evolved further and includes additional sources of income and livelihood of partner communities through “Community Based Tourism” and regenerative economy projects (community farming and agriculture as a start)

CONSULTANCY: Through our consultancy pillar, we offer advisory services to corporations on ESG, UN SDG and how they can incorporate the same in their businesses. In addition, we also offer mentoring and coaching support to impact businesses on how to survive and thrive in the current times while staying true to their core purpose.



As per latest Asian Development Bank data (2020), out of a population of around 270.1 million, about 26.1 million (9.8%) are vulnerable of falling into deep poverty, as their income hovers marginally above the national poverty line.

Empirically, a high percentage of the poor are rural women. Many of them then work overseas mostly as household helps. Annually, many of them come back abused or dead. According to certain official sources the numbers of dead female migrants was around 2500+ (2018), and that tells us that actual numbers must be much higher.

TORAJAMELO aims to address this issue of outward migration from rural communities by focussing on reviving rural economies with weaving as an entry point. There has never been a research on the number of back-strap loom weavers in Indonesia. However, most of more than 300 ethnic groups who live in Indonesia have a weaving heritage dating back 100s of years,  especially in the poorest and most remote areas, where there are few other alternative income opportunities.

Hand-woven textile is an integral part of the ceremonies and life rituals of the Indonesian ethnic groups. However, with the pressure of the modern world, this heritage is dying and therefore TORAJAMELOS mission to create a better life for the weavers, preserve,  and rejuvenate Indonesian hand-woven textile art and culture.

We started our journey in Toraja in 2008 and were legalized as both a Foundation and a Limited Liability in 2010.  Since then, we have been focusing our creating sustainable business models around weaving communities with our 3Cs – Commerce, Community Collaboration, and Consultancy.

We work with more than 1100+ weavers in Toraja & Mamasa in Sulawesi island, Adonara, Larantuka & Lembata in Nusa Tenggara Timur, and Soe, Maubesi, & Oesena in West Timor. We will be scaling up to reaching out to  1500+ weavers across 10 communities including Nggela, Lombok, Buton and others in the coming 3 years.

The Team

The Team
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Dinny is an Ashoka Fellow. She has long term experience in corporate banking (Citibank) and in Training Consultancy. Dinny is a former Secretary General of Komnas Perempuan (National Commission on Anti Violence Against Women). Dinny is also an Independent Commissioner of PT SARINAH.

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Aparna has > 15 years of experience in corporate and start-ups across Asia, She has worked in DHL, Alibaba, Angels of Impact, advises start-ups along with channeling her passion for gender equality via TORAJAMELO. She also serves as an advisor for impact businesses and entrepreneurs

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Community Coordinator

Susan Rawa Borot, hails from the indigenous Lamaholot tribe from the island of Adonara in the East Flores region. She has over 14 years of work experience working as a Field Facilitator for the Women Headed Family Empowerment Foundation (PEKKA) where she did mobilization and community building at grassroots level in East Flores, Bali, and West Sulawesi. With her as an integral part of the team, we stay deeply connected to our communities and in tune with ground realities.

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Enrico Eustinus Santoso
Associate - Finance and Business Operations

A CFA level 1 candidate, Enrico has joined TORAJAMELO to support the Finance and Business operations to pursue his deep interest in the finance and investment industry while making social impact. Enrico has done his Bcom in Logistics, Supply Chains from RMIT University, Melbourne.

Team Members

Team Members
Supporting staff : Nur Mellani – Finance & Accounting , Yanti – Sales , Sum – Production, Tetty – Toraja Community Coordinator


Joshua Matulessy (Jflow)
Advisor - Community and Youth

Known for his musical prowess and creative force, Josh (JFlow) has been closely supporting TORAJAMELO for almost a decade. As part of our advisory team, we are confident that he will combine his unique talent of creating networks and bridges across boundaries with his love for indigenous communities and help TORAJAMELO foundation in expanding its work to many more communities in Indonesia and also Asia.

Circularity and innovation

Shamini Dhana is a former silicon valley investment banker turned entrepreneur after witnessing firsthand the impact of the true cost of fashion on children and the environment.

Ms. Dhana has served over 28 years in government, corporate America, non-profits boards, in global operations, business development and leadership positions and is the Founder and CEO of Dhana Inc., a Certified B Corp, founded in 2008, with the vision of “Uniting Humanity Through Fashion”.

TORAJAMELO is grateful to have Shamini support its journey in transitioning to circular fashion practices and staying abreast with innovation in the world of Fashion.

Impact & Outreach

Arifin Putra is an actor-turned-angel investor who has been working hand-in-hand with the Indonesian chapter of the World Wildlife Fund to raise awareness on various socio-environmental issues facing the nation for a number of years. 

As founder of Terazura Investments, Arifin firmly believes in empowering social entrepreneurs to be impactful, sustainable and profitable in order to expedite the world’s transition to a circular economy. 

Business & Brand Strategy

Suzy is Executive Chairwoman of The Body Shop Indonesia.

Her vast experience in setting up a value driven business from start to scale is extremely critical.

Suzy is a climate presenter with Al Gore’s The Climate Reality Project since 2011.  She is the Chair of KEHATI – The Indonesia Biodiversity Foundation and is on the Board of Greenpeace Southeast Asia.  Her commitment for environment is implemented by hands-on involvement in various NGOs in her business and her daily life.

Core Values, Vision, and Mission

Karlina oversees the faithfulness we exhibit towards our values, vision, and mission by guiding us in combining them with social and business values.

She is especially passionate about Feminism and Gender equality.

Karlina is the first female  astronomer in Indonesia.  She is the founder of “The Voice of Concerned Mothers”, a moral movement, which started in 1998 against President Suharto’s regime. She holds a PhD in Philosophy and is currently a lecturer in Driyarkara School of Philosophy.



Inspired by a Torajan traditional pattern, the innermost circle signifies our willingness to work with a kind heart to preserve the richness of Indonesia’s heritage

The second circle, signifies the message of hope and assurance to the society

The outer circle, in its true essence, signifies an outward focus towards progress and the will to sustain Indonesian’s indigeneous heritage across future generations

Awards and Recognition

Awards and Recognition

Impact Hero 2022 Finalists by Earth Company

1st runner up of the UN Women 2021 Asia-Pacific WEPs Awards in the SME Champion Category

SME Champion for Leadership Commitment at the 2021 Women Empowerment Principles Awards by UN WOMEN Indonesia.

The Marketeers Women Award (2016)

Staff Of President Rep Indonesia homegrown brand (2016)

TUPPERWARE She CAN Award, Sebuah Apresiasi Untuk Wanita Indonesia (2015)

Top 100 Social Entrepreneurs versi Indonesian SWA Business Magazine (2015)

Winner of DIAGEO – British Council Social Enterpreneurship Challenge (2015)

Honourable Mention – Arthur Guinness Project & Ashoka Changemakers (2015)

50 Leading Company for Women in APC (2014)

Indonesian Women Of Change Award, Trade and Investment Category, US Embassy (2013)

Best Creation Award “Kampoeng BNI” (2013)

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Supported By

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Environmental Partners

Social Impact Partners

Social Impact Partners

Corporate Customers

Corporate Customers
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