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The definition of social enterprise that rings true for TORAJAMELO is the one defined by the late Pamela Hartigan, the former Managing Director of the Schwab Foundation for Social Entrepreneurship and Co-Writer of the book “The Power of Unreasonable People – How Social Entrepreneurs Create Markets That Change The World”.

Pamela essentially says that Social entrepreneur does not empower community, but Social Entrepreneur is merely facilitator and catalyst for social change to create agency and restore dignity.


Our strategy to create a sustainable ecosystem around rural economies.
We work with 1100+ weavers across Indonesia (NTT, NTB and South Sulawesi)
Our work has led to an increase in income of our weavers by approximately 550% on average
Till date we have preserved 27 indigenous motifs and have revived 4 motifs
Approximately, $100,000 USD directly disbursed as price premiums to weavers & $ 600,000 USD invested in training & development since 2010

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our weaver communities

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