Sole Oha

IDR 100,000

Sole Oha

Celebrating Lives, Weaving Togetherness

Sole Oha is a Thanksgiving dance of the people in Adonara and Lembata islands, which is a combination of dancing steps, songs and stories.  

TORAJAMELO aims to embody the spirit of “Sole Oha” to celebrate the lives and struggles of the weavers and also to bring solidarity within the diverse richness of Indonesian culture.

This book was released during the launch of Sole Oha exhibition, which was held at the Jakarta Textile Museum on 18 November – 17 December, 2017.

During the exhibition, the weavers from Toraja and Mamasa in Sulawesi and from Adonara and Lembata in Nusa Tenggara Timur shared their life stories and presented their weaving expertise to the audience.  We showcased more 250 pieces of hand-woven textile from these four areas. Fashion shows, film screenings, workshops and group discussions were organized to create awareness about hand weaving, epsecially focussed on penenun (weavers) and tenun (hand-woven textile).

Judi Achjadi, an expert on Indonesian traditional costume and hand-woven textile was kind enough to write the Introduction. We selected top 100 pieces from the 4 regions which were carefully curated from private and public collection as part of the display.

This book aims to take you on a clairvoyant journey to the four beautiful places in Indonesia.   It is available in Bahasa Indonesia and can be bought for Rp100,000/piece from the TORAJAMELO store located in South Jakarta.