Untannun Kameloan

IDR 150,000

Textiles of Toraja, Mamasa, Mamuju, Rongkong

Sulawesi, Indonesia

This book was published in 2012 as a part of “Untannun Kameloan”; the first ever exhibition on hand-woven textile from Toraja, Mamasa, Mamuju and Rongkong in Sulawesi, Indonesia, held at Jakarta Textile Museum.

Judi Achjadi, an expert on Indonesian traditional costumes and textile provides an introduction about the history of textiles from these four areas.  This is followed by three chapters on the role of traditional hand-woven and hand-painted textiles in the daily life functions of the villagers – i.e. Clothing for daily life, Dressing for Death and Clothing for Rituals and Trade.  Keiko Kusakabe, a Japanese researcher on Torajanese textile has written the final chapter on “Mud dyeing in Sulawesi -Ritual cloths from Toraja, Mamasa and Kalumpang”.

This book was written for people who are interested in traditional crafts and want to learn more as well as connoisseurs, collectors or researchers.  It is available in two versions: English and in bi-lingual format of English & Bahasa Indonesia. It is available for sale at IDR 150,000 (USD12)/piece in the Toraja Melo store in Jakarta.