Mamasa is a beautiful mountainous area in West Sulawesi.  The biggest ethnic group is Torajanese, who are mostly Christian.  To reach Mamasa, you fly first to Makassar. Then drive for about ten hours, through a beautiful coastal and mountain scenery via Pare-Pare, Polewali and Sumarorong to reach Mamasa city.  For the time being, there is no flight to Mamasa. The road to the villages of the weavers is often impassable, especially in the rainy season. After a hard day, usually the locals will gather to loosen up their muscle in several hot springs which are open to public.

The weavers live in Balla and Pebassian area, 30 minutes’ drive south of Mamasa.  A cooperative with around 350 members was established in February 2018. They sell their weaving in the local markets and to Toraja Melo.  Mamasa is the only area in Indonesia, where the weavers create beautiful tablet weaving.

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