Toraja is a beautiful mountainous area in South Sulawesi Province, which consists of two Kabupaten (Regencies) Toraja Utara and Tana Toraja.  To reach Toraja, you can fly to Makassar, the capital of South Sulawesi. Then drive for ten hours through a beautiful coastal and mountain scenery,  stopping in Pare-Pare for lunch, onward to Enrekang and then Bambapuang for coffee break. For a shorter journey, you can take a 45 minutes flight from Makassar to Palopo or to Rantetayo, Makale.  Then drive between one to two hours to Toraja.

TORAJAMELO has trained around 250 weavers, who live in Sa’dan area, about 30 minutes’ drive north of Rantepao. A weavers cooperative “Sa’dan Siangkaran” was established on 17 April 2015. Their products are sold in the local markets, in To’barana’ weaving centre and in Banua Sarira-Dinny Jusuf’s house in Batutumonga.

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